Korea.net has launched a new collaborative project with its honorary reporters around the world. Each honorary reporter will write a story on the same topic, but from each of their own home cities. The stories will then be shared with our community of Korea.net readers.

For the first subject in the series, Korea.net asked our honorary reporters to send in a touching story from their home communities. Here’s our fourth story on this subject, from Vietnam.



This is my short documentary about a disabled man who never gave up and who adapted to normal society. It’s a common Vietnamese phrase to say, “Down but not out,” or, “The only disability in life is a bad attitude.”

He trained himself how to write using his mouth, even helping other young children to read and write and to understand and work with numbers. Despite his disability, he never became a burden on society. He’s a good example to study, for everyone everywhere.

Here’s a video about his story.

By Cao Thi Huong
Korea.net Honorary Reporter
Photo: http://pwd.vn/tin-trong-nuoc/mot-ngay-o-lop-hoc-dac-biet-cua-thay-giao-viet-chu-bang-mieng.html
Video: Cao Thi Huong, Duong The Hung