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  • Hangang Eco Learning Center (한강생태학습장)

    Introduction Opened in 2004, the Hangang River Eco Learning Center is situated on the Namhangang Riverside. The site used to be a sandpit before it was turned into a wetland. Effluent from wastewater treatment plants, which in the past was released directly into the Hangang River, now passes through several ponds with various aquatic plants read more

  • Mum Aroy (뭄알로이)

    Mum Aroy, a term in Thai which means “extremely delicious,” is a restaurant that specializes in Thai cuisine. The interior as well as props used in the restaurant are carefully designed to make customers feel as if they are dining at a local restaurant in Thailand.

  • Dutasan Mountain (두타산)

    Introduction Standing at 1,352 meters above sea level, Dutasan Mountain is surrounded by famous natural landmarks: Mureung Valley to the north, Gocheon Valley to the east, Taebaeksan Mountain range to the south, and Jungbongsan Mountain to the west. Moreover, situated along the 3.1km-long valley connecting Dutasan and Samhwasa Temple are such tourist attractions as Dutasanseong read more

  • Gyeokpo Beach (격포해변)

    Introduction Gyeokpo Beach, located in Gyeokpo-ri, Byeonsan-myeon, Buan-gun in Jeollabuk-do Province, is part of Byeonsanbando National Park. From the beach, visitors can get a close-up look at the rock formations of Chaeseokgang Cliffs. Known for its clear waters, the beach offers a panoramic view of the west coast from the top of the cliffs and read more

  • Sangju Silver Sand Beach (상주 은모래비치)

    Introduction Sangju Silver sand Beach is busy all year long, with professional athletes coming for physical training in the winter, students camping in the spring and fall, and vacationers visiting the beach in the summer. Sangju Silver sand Beach is extremely popular especially in the summertime, attracting up to 1 million tourists who heard about read more

  • Yukdam Falls (육담폭포)

    Introduction If you begin at Seorak-dong in Oeseorak, cross the Biryong Bridge and pass by the Biryong Falls, you will reach Yukdam Falls (육담폭포), which actually consist of six waterfalls and a pond. Despite the fact that only a small amount of water actually flows in these waterfalls today, what is interesting, is how they read more

  • Donggang River (동강)

    Introduction The Donggang River flows through the Gangwon-do district, and is a tributary to the South Hangang River. The Donggang River spans an area of 60km from Jeongseon to Yeongwol. The Donggang River is a well-preserved river, left untouched due to the strong current of the waters and the rugged geography of the mountains. The read more

  • Jangtaesan Recreational Forest (장태산자연휴양림)

    Introduction Daejeon-si Seo-gu Jangan-dong is located at the base of Jangtaesan Mountain Natural Recreation Forest and consists of a dense forest of ginkgo trees. The beautiful lush valley makes for a great getaway during the summer months. The recreation area features a promenade, a therapeutic forest walk, sporting equipment, and a botanical garden. Lodging facilities read more

  • Chee Hong (취홍)

    Chee Hong is a Guangdong and Shanghai-style Chinese restaurant. It serves Chinese cuisine modified with a modern style. The restaurant also houses plenty of rooms perfect for business meetings and family gatherings.

  • Namsan Cable Car (남산 케이블카)

    Introduction Namsan Cable Car runs from the base of Namsan Mountain up to N Seoul Tower, one of the most representative tourist attractions in Seoul, loved by tourists and residents alike. The new cable cars, which have been in operation since December 6, 2008, have an increased capacity of 48 people per car (up from read more

  • Osaek Jujeongol (오색주전골)

    Introduction About 3 kilometers from Osaek Mineral Spring in South Seorak, the road splits, and you can take a trail to Yongso Falls and Sibi (Twelve) Falls. Jujeongol is the name of the valley that meanders up to Sibi Falls. As you hike along this delightful path you encounter Seonnyeotang Pond, Dokjuam Rock, and Yongso read more

  • Venezia Motel -(베네치아 모텔)

    Located in Mokpo, the city of romance and dream in Namdo, Venezia Hotel provide the clean and well-maintained rooms to travelers. It is the best place for business travelers because it is placed in Sangdong, the compound commercial zone of Mokpo. The motel is close to Gatbawui, the famous tourist spot of Mokpo. Motel guests read more

  • Daecheong Dam (대청댐)

    Introduction Daecheong Dam (대청댐) is a multi-purpose dam consisting of a 72m-tall and 495m-long concrete gravity dam and rockfill dam. It is located where Daejeon and Chungcheongbuk-do meet. The observatory, located at Palgakjeong Service Area, offers a great view of Daecheongho Lake (대청호). A variety of fascinating items are displayed in the Water Culture Center read more

  • Gildong Ecological Park (길동 자연생태공원)

    Introduction Gildong Ecological Park was built by the Seoul Government by restoring the wetland on the roadside of Cheonho-daero. The park maintains and preserves a wide range of flora and fauna in their natural habitats, allowing park visitors to observe plants, animals and insects in a natural ecosystem, and to learn about the importance of nature read more

  • M’amie Little Black Pot (마미 리틀블랙팟)

    M’amie Little Black Pot presents a fun-filled environment from the very first time you visit. Upon entering the restaurant, the feeling of a cozy, comfortable European home welcomes you with a small, exposed kitchen and the cooking area to the back. The immense popularity of M’amie Little Black Pot is characterized by its affordable prices, read more

  • Chaeseokgang Cliffs (부안 채석강)

    Introduction Chaeseokgang refers to a rocky cliff and the sea around it, situated in the Gyeokpohang and Dakibong areas on the Byeonsan Peninsula. It is easy to misunderstand the name for a river, but it is a very large rocky cliff. The origin of the name comes from China, from the story of Lee Tae-Baek, read more

  • Hotel Adria (호텔 아드리아)

    Hotel Adria is located in the Yuseong Special Tour Zone. The hotel provides easy access to nearby tourist sites such as EXPO Science Park and Gyeryongsan Mountain National Park. The guest rooms are all decorated with charming interior design and are fully equipped with amenities for comfort and safety. Business guests will enjoy the additional read more

  • Micheongol Valley (미천골계곡)

    Introduction Micheongol Valley starts from the Yangyang area and ends right before Guryongnyeong Pass. With not many visitors here, the valley is left in a pristine condition. The area is famous for its rich forest, clean water, uniquely shaped rocks, wild flora and fauna, underground mineral water tap, cultural heritages of the ancient kingdom Silla, read more

  • Hongdo Island (홍도)

    Introduction Hongdo Island is located 115 km southwest of Mokpo Harbor. It is composed of about 20 islands, and because it has an usual reddish-brown color about it, it is called Hongdo (Red Island). When the sun sets over the island, the whole area takes on a reddish hue. The seashore is bordered by towering read more

  • Myeongdong Tonkatsu (명동돈가스)

    Opened in 1983, this restaurant serves delicious tonkatsu (Japanese pork cutlet). The secret is in aging thick slices of seasoned pork fillet (150kg total) for three to four days making the meat more tender. The slices are then coated with egg batter and breadcrumbs, and fried in hot oil (160캜) for about seven minutes. Voila! read more

  • Phoenix The Hotel (휘닉스 더호텔)

    Located 700m above sea level in the heart of nature,Phoenix The Hotel is one of Korea’s largest resort hotels. The five-star hotel is known as the venue for the 4th Asia Development Forum and offers a variety of facilities (and a state-of-the-art AV system) that make the hotel an ideal place for both leisure and read more

  • Geombongsan Natural Recreation Forest (검봉산자연휴양림)

    Introduction Geombongsan Mountain (681.6m) boasts a majestic mountain range that connects to the neighboring Sageumsan, Eungbongsan, and Yukbaeksan Mountains. The mountains pose an exciting challenge for mountain bike enthusiasts. The mountain ridge is covered with varied flower species including royal azaleas, iris, polygala, and violets. The summit of Geombongsan Mountain offers views of the boundless read more

  • Donnaeko Resort (돈내코유원지)

    Introduction This resort boasts fine views of magnificent Hallasan Mountain with its clean and ice-cold water. These waters, deep valleys, waterfalls and the thick evergreen forest create beautiful scenery. If you walk 20min from the “Donnaeko Recreational Area,” at the entrance you can see the Wonang Pokpo Waterfall (5m high) and a small pond. The read more

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