The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism on Feb. 6 announced its main policy plans this year under the vision

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism on Feb. 6 announced its main policy plans this year under the vision “A Society Happy through Culture, a Global Cultural Power led by K-culture.” Shown are visitors in September 2023 at “Beyond the Scene,” an exhibition of Korean webtoons at the Korean Cultural Center (KCC) in Washington. (KCC in Washington)
By Xu Aiying

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism will provide a record KRW 1.74 trillion in content policy financing to have domestic content become a leader on the world market this year.

To achieve the government’s goal of attracting 20 million tourists this year, the plan is to converge culture and arts, sports and tourism resources to hold global festivals, create tourism branding and promote convenient tourism conditions from arrival to departure.

The ministry on Feb. 6 announced this as part of its main policy plans this year under the vision “Happy Society through Culture, Global Cultural Power Led by K-culture.”

The first task is to boost the creation and overseas spread of cultural and artistic works to expand Korean culture’s global popularity.

Next is support for the overseas expansion of opera and ballet as well as global distribution of musicals, arts, literature and handicrafts. Also eligible for such backing are outstanding artists and their works including repertoires of excellent pieces and additional help at each stage of creation, distribution and spread abroad.

The event 2024 Paris Korea Season in France will be held on the occasion of this year’s Paris Summer Olympics and Paralympics slated from July to August. Starting in May with breakdancing, which debuts as an official event at the upcoming competition, and including the Korea Tourism Roadshow in June, the ministry will conduct integrated promotion of Korean culture and tourism during the Olympics.

This year’s policy budget for content of KRW 1.74 trillion is expected to alter the economy’s export landscape. A new fund for Korean content strategy worth KRW 600 billion will go toward securing intellectual property rights. 

For the era of 20 million visitors to Korea, all resources in each field will be used and connected to produce tourism effects.

To mark Visit Korea Year 2024, 25 global cities will host mega roadshows on tourism in Korea and a cooperative effort with relevant government branches will seek to boost convenience for arrivals, transportation and shopping by foreign tourists.

On a trial basis, hotels and condominiums will be allowed to hire foreign workers with the E-9 (non-professional work) visa and promotion of active financial support and regulatory reform will go toward resolving the financial and labor difficulties in domestic tourism. 

In addition, the ministry will continue efforts to form a positive cycle structure in the sports ecosystem through cultural and public welfare policy measures to reduce national leisure costs, expand the basis for daily sports for the public, support for professional athletes and development of the sports industry.