The Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism on Sept. 14 announced the launch of the campaign

The Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism on Sept. 14 announced the launch of the campaign “Safe Travel, Safe Korea.” Shown are promotional materials for the program on the same day displayed on the screen of a global roaming booth of mobile operator SK Telecom at Incheon International Airport.

By Kim Seon Ah
Photos = Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism

The government has launched a drive to provide information on safe travel in the country to foreign tourists.

On the occasion of the program Visit Korea Year 2023-24, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism on Sept. 14 launched the campaign “Safe Travel, Safe Korea.” Promotional posters and related materials are being distributed and promoted in cooperation with the Visit Korea Committee, SK Telecom and GS Retail to ensure safe domestic tourism for foreign travelers.

Scanning the first QR code on a campaign promotional poster leads to the Safety Stepping Stone App for Foreigners run by the Ministry of the Interior and Safety. Users can receive disaster-related alerts, evacuation tips, embassy details, 119 emergency calls, civil defense and public safety shelters, and police, firefighting and medical center data in English, Japanese and Chinese.

The second QR code leads to a safe travel information website on the 1330 travel interpretation hotline offering assistance in Korean, English, Japanese and Chinese, numbers to call in case of emergency, and procedures for COVID-19 and entry.

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism will provide promotional materials to local government units and related organizations and use tourist spots frequented by foreign tourists to distribute the materials more effectively. Over 800 GS25 convenience stores in major tourist destinations like Seoul’s Myeong-dong district and Jeju Island will offer the materials as well as global roaming counters of SK Telecom at airports and seaports.

“Korea ranked 16th out of 117 countries in the safety category of the 2021 Travel & Tourism Development Index released in May last year by the World Economic Forum, making it a safe country to travel in,” said Park Jong-taek, head of a ministry task force on tourism and export strategy. “We hope that these promotional materials on safe travel will spread the word that Korea is well equipped with travel safety nets and emergency response systems.”

This is a promotional poster for the campaign

This is a promotional poster for the campaign “Safe Travel, Safe Korea” for foreign tourists distributed by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.