Gangwon-do Province Gov. Kim Jin Tae (second from left in front row) on Jan. 17 speaks at the final inspection meeting for this year's Winter Youth Olympics in Gangwon-do Province at the province's office in Chuncheon, Gangwon-do. (Gangwon State)

Gangwon-do Province Gov. Kim Jin Tae (second from left in front row) on Jan. 17 speaks at the final inspection meeting for this year’s Winter Youth Olympics in Gangwon-do Province at the province’s office in Chuncheon, Gangwon-do. (Gangwon State)

By Jung Joo-ri

A conference on the final inspection for a “safe Olympics” was held on Jan. 16 three days before the opening of the Gangwon Winter Youth Olympics (Gangwon 2024) in Gangwon-do Province.

Held at the provincial office of Gangwon State and chaired by Gangwon-do Gov. Kim Jin Tae, the event discussed sanitation of food and drink and prevention of no-shows by those making ticket reservations.

For food and drink hygiene, inspections will be held every other day of food suppliers for the two athletes’ villages and restaurants for Gangwon 2024 staff until Feb. 1, when the games end. All cities and counties hosting events will also each organize inspection teams to continue checks on the 3,532 food and beverage, lodging and sanitation facilities around competition venues.

The situation room for infectious disease was also launched. If symptoms suspected to be those of norovirus or food poisoning appear, swift sample collections, epidemiological studies and regular disinfection will be done to prevent mass infection.

Admission to all events are free except for the Jan. 19 opening ceremony at the speed skating stadium Gangneung Oval. To prevent people from not showing up without notification after reserving tickets, distributions of on-site tickets and group reservations will be expanded over the remaining period.

The organizing committee said reservations for about 348,000 tickets were made as of Jan. 15.

A comprehensive situation room from Jan. 15 began running at Gangneung Sports Complex for the overall operation and safety of the competition. It monitors disaster safety management, emergency medical support, cleaning, snow removal and transportation.

“The three conditions for a successful hosting of the games are safety, sanitation and cold weather management,” Gov. Kim said. “Don’t get lax until the closing ceremony.”