KOCIS begins distributing its 2019 calendar on Dec. 3. The calendar is centered on activities that non-Koreans put on their bucket list during their stay in Korea. (Kim Sunjoo)

By Kim Hyelin and Lee Hana

Going to a K-pop concert, taking pictures at the DMZ, touring palaces, and visiting Jeju Island—these are among the top bucket list items for tourists visiting Korea.

On Dec. 3, the Korean Culture and Information Service (KOCIS) began distributing its calendar for 2019, centered on these very activities—plans that visitors hope to check off their list during a year spent in the country.

The calendar features photos of palace tours, temple stays and people dressed in Hanbok. You can see pictures of the Boryeong Mud Festival in the month of July, while October has snapshots of the Busan International Film Festival. Other months are filled with pictures of street food, nightlife, hiking and Korean drama film locations.

In addition, the calendar provides QR codes that guide visitors to official English homepages and useful info related to each activity.

The activities chosen for the calendar where selected based on a study conducted by the Korea Tourism Organization on top keywords searched by overseas users in 2018, and the “Global Hallyu Issue Report” published by the Korean Foundation for International Cultural Exchange (KOFICE).

The calendars made by KOCIS are distributed to some 180 cultural centers and related organizations around the world.

“The calendar for 2019 is our way of expressing thanks to fans of Korean culture in all parts of the world. I hope the calendar will shine a brighter spotlight on Korean culture,” said KOCIS Director Kim Tae-hoon.