“This year’s Myanmar election is a historic milestone in the country’s democratic development.”

The Korean government has called Myanmar’s Nov. 8 general election a “historic milestone.” In a statement released by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Korean government announced that it “applauds the active participation of Myanmar citizens in a peaceful and organized general election supported by the international community.” The foreign ministry added that it “dispatched a group of 500 election inspectors this year to accelerate Myanmar’s democratic development, and reported that the inspectors successfully completed their mission.”


In a statement released on Nov. 10, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the Korean government applauds the results of Myanmar’s general election and that it considers the election to be a ‘historic milestone’ for democratic development.

The government stated that it “hopes the results of this historic general election will establish a foothold for Myanmar to head toward reform and open-door policies in the future, and that Korea will continue to strengthen relations with Myanmar for continued cooperation and development.”

By Lee Hana
Korea.net Staff Writer
Photo: Korea.net Database
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