Korean Ambassador to France Yoo Dae-jong (fourth from left in front row) and Laurence Marion (fifth from left in front row), executive director of Cite Internationale Universitaire de Paris on May 11 pose for a photo at a Korean food sharing event hosted at the school.

By Jung Joo-ri and Lee Jihae
Photos = Korean Embassy in Paris

The “K-food Sharing Event” was held on May 11 in Paris to provide packed Hansik meals for college students struggling from the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic.

The Korean Embassy in the French capital on May 12 said it provided 2,000 lunch boxes of Korean food in collaboration with Korean Agro-Fisheries and Food Trade Corp. to students from 150 countries at Cite International Universitaire de Paris (CIUP).

Korean Ambassador to France Yoo Dae-jong and CIUP Executive Director Laurence Marion attended the event at the university auditorium and outdoors. Due to COVID-19, the organizers minimized the number of attendees and distributed the meals and kits in order to those who had applied for them online.

“Korea, which received aid from many countries in the past, is now a country that can share,” Ambassador Yoo said. “We’re glad to share again with youths (international CIUP students) from 150 countries the warm generosity Korea received.”

Executive Director Marion said, “Korean food is immensely popular with the international student community in Paris,” adding, “The event has received a highly positive response and will offer much encouragement to students struggling from COVID-19.”

Founded in 1925, the university has a huge campus with around 40 national halls, parks, cafeterias and gyms and accommodates 12,000 students and researchers from 150 countries. Maison de la Coree (House of Korea) was opened in 2018 and has 250 rooms for lodging as well as a Korean restaurant and grocery store.

▲ 프랑스 파리 14구에 위치한 파리 국제대학촌(Cité internationale universitaire de Paris)에서 11일(현지 시간) ‘K-FOOD 나눔행사’가 열린 가운데 유대종 주프랑스대사와 로랑스 마리옹(Laurence Marion) 파리 국제대학촌 사무총장이 온라인 사전 신청자들과 기념촬영을 하고 있다.

Korean Ambassador to France Yoo Dae-jong (second from left) and Cite Internationale Universitaire de Paris Executive Director Laurence Marion (fourth from right) on May 11 pose for a photo with participants of a Korean food sharing event at the university.