U.S. President Joe Biden (White House's official Flickr account)

U.S. President Joe Biden (White House’s official Flickr account)

By Yoon Sojung

U.S. President Joe Biden on Jan. 12 praised Korean Americans by saying their contributions “enrich our lives every day and lift America to new heights.”

In a briefing for community leaders on Korean American Day held through videoconferencing at the White House to mark the 120th anniversary of the immigration of Korean Americans to the U.S. and Korean American Day, he was quoted as saying this by Yonhap News and other Korean media in a released statement.

“One hundred and twenty years ago today, a group of 102 Korean men, women and children arrived in Hawaii in search of a new start,” President Biden said. “Our nations are growing closer, not just because more Americans are calling Korea home but because generations of Korean immigrants and Korean Americans who are enriching our culture and proving that diversity is — and always has been — our greatest strength.”

“Today, Korean Americans continue to shape and unite our country, strengthening every industry and every community and contributing their unique talents to our American story.” 

He added, “From serving our country in uniform and advocating for civil rights, to breaking new ground in arts and sciences, opening new businesses, serving in our hospitals and health centers, and making history for Team USA in the Olympics, the contributions of Korean Americans enrich our lives every day and lift our Nation to new heights.” 

Congratulating the history and accomplishments of Korean Americans, he said, “May the stories of Korean Americans continue to inspire us all of the promise of the American Dream.”

He concluded the statement with the well-known Korean phrase “Gatchi gapshida” (Let’s go together) by saying, “Together, we are stronger. Katchi Kapshida.”