This match of virtual taekwondo, an event in the Olympic Esports Series, in May 2022 has competitors squaring off in the game-based event.

This match of virtual taekwondo, an event in the Olympic Esports Series, in May 2022 has competitors squaring off in the game-based event.

By Hong Angie
Photos = World Taekwondo

The game-based World Taekwondo Virtual Championships will debut later this year.

World Taekwondo (WT), the martial art’s world governing body, on April 3 said Singapore will host the inaugural tournament from Nov. 16-17.

Virtual taekwondo is a new concept sport based on video games. Motion tracking technology is used to hold a match similar to that in real life, with athletes wearing motion recognition sensors on their backs and legs, virtual reality equipment over their eyes and a controller in their hands to compete virtually in a space of 3 m in all directions.

The avatar recognizes a competitor’s motions to display the movements on a three-dimensional video on TV.

In 2021, the International Olympic Committee hosted the inaugural Olympic Virtual Series, an esports competition based on games. In June last year, virtual taekwondo was the only combat sport selected for the 10-event series held in Singapore.

The competition’s five categories are mixed junior (ages 13-15); individual male and female competitors (16-35) who can also compete in the mixed event; and mixed masters (36 or above).

WT President Choue Chungwon said, “I hope that virtual taekwondo will be added to the program of the Olympic Esports Games, which will further showcase the innovation, diversity and inclusiveness of our sport.”

A match of virtual taekwondo, an event in the Olympic Virtual Series .

A match of virtual taekwondo, an event in the Olympic Virtual Series