The Korea Tourism Organization promotes Korean performances to crowds in Kobe in March. (Korea Tourism Organization)

By Min Yea-Ji and Kim Young Shin 

Popular Korean musicals and shows will be staged in Japan at the Korea Performance Festival in Tokyo from May 24 to 27.

The Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) announced on May 21 that it will stage seven shows, including musicals, with captions, such as “Loving in the Rain” (사랑을 비를 타고), “Only You” (당신만이) and “Finding Mr. Destiny” (김종욱 찾기), at the Korean Cultural Center in Tokyo and at Marunouchi Hall in Tokyo from May 24 to 27. Some 2,000 audience members, including general consumers, tourism authorities and the press, are expected to visit the festival.

“Korean musicals are quickly becoming a potential market for Japanese tourists,” said a KTO official. “The festival will serve as growth momentum for Japanese tourists visiting Korea.”

“More and more Japanese tourists are attracted to Korean musicals and recently there was a costly tour package that focused on Korean musicals, too,” they said. “We will concentrate on Korean musicals to draw visitors to Korea.”

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